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Vujovich-Dunn C; Wand H; Brotherton JML; Gidding H; Sisnowski J; Lorch R; Veitch M; Sheppeard V; Effler P; Skinner SR; Venn A; Davies C; Hocking J; Whop L; Leask J; Canfell K; Sanci L; Smith M; Kang M; Temple-Smith M; Kidd M; Burns S; Selvey L; Meijer D; Ennis S; Thomson C; Lane N; Kaldor J; Guy R, 2022, 'Measuring school level attributable risk to support school-based HPV vaccination programs', BMC Public Health, vol. 22,

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Adawiyah RA; Boettiger D; Applegate TL; Probandari A; Marthias T; Guy R; Wiseman V, 2022, 'Supply-side readiness to deliver HIV testing and treatment services in Indonesia: Going the last mile to eliminate mother-to-child transmission of HIV', PLOS Global Public Health, vol. 2, pp. e0000845 - e0000845,

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