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Harvey RJ, 2015, 'Partial septectomy and sphenoidotomies', in Master Techniques in Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery: Rhinology

Harvey RJ; Teo C, 2014, 'Anterior craniofacial resection: Endoscopic assisted', in Head and Neck Surgery: Skull Base Surgery

Sheahan PO; Harvey RJ; Schlosser RJ, 2010, 'Nasal polyps in cystic fibrosis', in Nasal Polyposis: Pathogenesis, Medical and Surgical Treatment, pp. 145 - 152,

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Stamm AC; Flávio J; Harvey RJ, 2008, 'Revision endoscopic skull-base surgery', in Revision Sinus Surgery, pp. 289 - 300,

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