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Cornell S; Brander R; Peden A, 2023, Selfie-Related Incidents: Narrative Review and Media Content Analysis (Preprint), ,

Cornell S; Brander RW; Koon W; Peden A; Lawes JC, 2022, Lessons on the Rip Current Hazard from Survivor Experiences, ,

Uebelhoer L; Koon W; Harley MD; Lawes JC; Brander RW, 2021, Characteristics and beach safety knowledge of beachgoers on unpatrolled surf beaches in Australia, ,

Pitman SJ; Thompson K; Hart DE; Moran K; Gallop SL; Brander RW; Wooler A, 2020, Beachgoers’ ability to identify rip currents at a beach in situ, ,

Brewster BC; Gould RE; Brander RW, 2018, Rip current rescues and drowning in the United States, ,

Houser C; Trimble S; Brander R; Brewster BC; Dusek G; Jones D; Kuhn J, 2017, Public Perceptions of a Rip Current Hazard Education Program: Break the Grip of the Rip!, ,

Kamstra P; Cook BR; Brander RW; Lawes JC; Mathews B; Calverley H; Imperiale AJ; Hooper B, Awareness Without Learning: Exploring the Effects of Beachgoer's Experiences on Risk Taking Behaviours, ,

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