Select Publications

Edited Books

Sigalet G; Webber G; Dixon R, 2019, Constitutional dialogue: Rights, democracy, institutions,

Delaney EF; Dixon R, 2018, Comparative judicial review,

Dixon R; Ginsburg T, 2017, Comparative constitutional law in Latin America, Edward Elgar Publishing, UK,

Appleby G; Dixon R, (ed.), 2016, The Critical Judgments Project: Rereading Monis v The Queen, Federation Press, Annandale,

Williams G; Dixon R, (ed.), 2015, The High Court, The Constitution and Australian Politics, Cambridge University Press, Melbourne,

Dixon R; Ginsburg T, 2014, Comparative Constitutional Law in Asia, Edward Elgar Publishing,

Ginsburg T; Dixon R, 2011, Comparative constitutional law,

Dixon R; Ginsburg T, 2011, Comparative Constitutional Law,

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