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Bull RA; Luciani F, 2016, 'Next-Generation Sequencing, What Has It Told Us So Far?', in Foodborne Viral Pathogens, CRC Press

Bull RA; White PA, 2010, 'Genome organization and recombination', in Hansman GS; Jiang J; Green KY (ed.), Caliciviruses: Molecular and Cellular Virology, Caister Academic Press, Portland, USA, pp. 45 - 63,

Mciver CJ; Bull RA; Tu ET; Rawlinson WD; White PA, 2005, 'Norovirus and Sapovirus', in McIver CJ (ed.), A Compendium of Laboratory Diagnostic Methods for Common and Unusual Enteric Pathogens - an Australian Perspective, Australian Society of Microbiology, Australia, pp. 191 - 198

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