Select Publications

Edited Books

Sarker R;Ray T, (eds.), 2010, Agent-Based Evolutionary Search, Original, Springer, Hieidelberg, Germay,

Gen M;Green D;Katai O;Namatame A;Mckay RI;Sarker R;Zhang B, (eds.), 2009, Intelligent and Evolutionary Systems, Original, Springer, Berlin /Heidelberg

Kamruzzaman J;Begg RK;Sarker RA, 2006, Artificial neural networks in finance and manufacturing,

Begg R;Kamruzzaman J;Sarker R, 2006, Neural networks in healthcare: Potential and challenges,

Sarker RA;Abbass HA;Newton C, 2002, Heuristics and optimization for knowledge discovery, IGI Global

Abbass HA;Sarker RA;Newton CS, 2002, Data Mining: A Heuristic Approach, IGI Global

Sarker R;Mohammadian M;Yao X, (eds.), 2002, Evolutionary Optimization, Original, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Norwell, USA

Abbass HA;Sarker R;Newton CS, (eds.), 2002, Data Mining: A Heuristic Approach, Original, Idea Group Publishing, Hershey USA

Mckay RI;Sarker R;Yao X, (eds.), 2000, International Journal of Knowledge - Based Intelligent Engineering Systems, Original, University of South Australia, Adelaide

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