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Choi I; Petrie K; Einboden R; Collins D; Ryan R; Johnston D; Harvey SB; Glozier N; Wray A; Deady M, Apprentices’ healthy coping strategies and attitudes to using a smartphone app to support their mental health (Preprint),

Stratton E; Lampit A; Choi I; Malmberg Gavelin H; Aji M; Taylor J; Calvo RA; Harvey SB; Glozier N, Are Organizational EHealth Interventions Becoming More Effective at Addressing Employee Mental Health; A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis (Preprint),

Counson I; Bartholomew A; Crawford J; Petrie K; Basarkod G; Moynihan V; Pires J; Cohen R; Glozier N; Harvey S; Sanatkar S, Development of the Shift Smartphone App to Support the Emotional Well-Being of Junior Physicians: Design of a Prototype and Results of Usability and Acceptability Testing (Preprint),

Sanatkar S; Counson I; Mackinnon A; Bartholomew A; Glozier N; Harvey S, Preliminary investigation of Shift, a novel smartphone application to support junior doctors’ mental health and wellbeing: Examination of symptom progression, usability, and acceptability after one month of use (Preprint),

Coleshill MJ; Baldwin P; Black M; Newby J; Shrestha T; Haffar S; Mills L; Stensel A; Cockayne N; Tennant J; Harvey S; Christensen H, The Essential Network (TEN): Protocol for an Implementation Study of a Digital-First Mental Health Solution for Australian Health Care Workers During COVID-19 (Preprint),

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