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Raziq F; Hayat A; Humayun M; Baburao Mane SK; Faheem MB; Ali A; Zhao Y; Han S; Cai C; Li W; Qi DC; Yi J; Yu X; Breese MBH; Hassan F; Ali F; Mavlonov A; Dhanabalan K; Xiang X; Zu X; Li S; Qiao L, 2020, 'Photocatalytic solar fuel production and environmental remediation through experimental and DFT based research on CdSe-QDs-coupled P-doped-g-C3N4 composites', Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, vol. 270,

Raziq F; He J; Gan J; Humayun M; Faheem MB; Iqbal A; Hayat A; Fazal S; Yi J; Zhao Y; Dhanabalan K; Wu X; Mavlonov A; Ali T; Hassan F; Xiang X; Zu X; Shen H; Li S; Qiao L, 2020, 'Promoting visible-light photocatalytic activities for carbon nitride based 0D/2D/2D hybrid system: Beyond the conventional 4-electron mechanism', Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, vol. 270,

Li J; Li Y; Li S; Zhu M; Zhang J; Li Y; He Y; Li W, 2020, 'Zinc interstitial and oxygen vacancy mediated high Curie-temperature ferromagnetism in Ag-doped ZnO', Ceramics International, vol. 46, pp. 18639 - 18647,

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Zhao Y; Huang C; He Y; Wu X; Ge R; Zu X; Li S; Qiao L, 2020, 'High-performance asymmetric supercapacitors realized by copper cobalt sulfide crumpled nanoflower and N, F co-doped hierarchical nanoporous carbon polyhedron', Journal of Power Sources, vol. 456,

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Khan B; Raziq F; Bilal Faheem M; Umar Farooq M; Hussain S; Ali F; Ullah A; Mavlonov A; Zhao Y; Liu Z; Tian H; Shen H; Zu X; Li S; Xiao H; Xiang X; Qiao L, 2020, 'Electronic and nanostructure engineering of bifunctional MoS2 towards exceptional visible-light photocatalytic CO2 reduction and pollutant degradation', Journal of Hazardous Materials, vol. 381,

Tian C; Wu J; Ma Z; Li B; Zhang X; Zu X; Xiang X; Li S, 2020, 'A melt-diffusion strategy for tunable sulfur loading on CC@MoS2 for lithium–sulfur​ batteries', Energy Reports,

Wu X; He J; Zhang M; Liu Z; Zhang S; Zhao Y; Li T; Zhang F; Peng Z; Cheng N; Zhang J; Wen X; Xie Y; Tian H; Cao L; Bi L; Du Y; Zhang H; Cheng J; An X; Lei Y; Shen H; Gan J; Zu X; Li S; Qiao L, 2020, 'Binary Pd/amorphous-SrRuO3 hybrid film for high stability and fast activity recovery ethanol oxidation electrocatalysis', Nano Energy, vol. 67,

Tang Y; Li D; Ao D; Guo Y; Faheem MB; Khan B; Zu X; Li S, 2020, 'Highly sensitive surface acoustic wave HCl gas sensors based on hydroxyl-rich sol-gel AlOxOHy films', Materials Chemistry and Physics, vol. 239,

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Han S; Chen T; Cai C; He D; Li S; Xiang X; Zu X; Zhang S; Gu M, 2019, 'Probing the Origin of Gold Dissolution and Tunneling across Ni2P Shell Using in situ Transmission Electron Microscopy', ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, vol. 11, pp. 46947 - 46952,

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Jiang Y; Sun Y; Li S, 2019, 'Performance of novel Na 2 SO 4 -NaCl-ceramic composites as high temperature phase change materials for solar power plants (Part II)', Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells, vol. 194, pp. 285 - 294,

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Chen Y; Cui Y; Pham A; Wang Y; Bhadbhade MM; Wang R; Su Y; Hu H; Wen Z; Cheng C; Tan TT; Li S; Zhao Y, 2019, 'Superconductivity and structural instability in layered BiS 2 -based LaO 1-x BiS 2', Journal of Materials Chemistry C, vol. 7, pp. 586 - 591,

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Raziq F; Humayun M; Ali A; Wang T; Khan A; Fu Q; Luo W; Zeng H; Zheng Z; Khan B; Shen H; Zu X; Li S; Qiao L, 2018, 'Synthesis of S-Doped porous g-C3N4 by using ionic liquids and subsequently coupled with Au-TiO2 for exceptional cocatalyst-free visible-light catalytic activities', Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, vol. 237, pp. 1082 - 1090,

Xiao Z; Li X; Sun X; Yu S; Jiang Y; Li X; Jiang H; Luo W; Wang C; Zhang T; Li S; Kong LB, 2018, 'Phase formation and microstructure evolution in mullite ceramics synthesized from mechanochemically activated oxide powders doped with Cr2O3', Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids, vol. 123, pp. 198 - 205,

Xiao Z; Kong LB; Ruan S; Li X; Yu S; Li X; Jiang Y; Yao Z; Ye S; Wang C; Zhang T; Zhou K; Li S, 2018, 'Recent development in nanocarbon materials for gas sensor applications', Sensors and Actuators, B: Chemical, vol. 274, pp. 235 - 267,

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