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Ghimire K; Kale A; Li J; Julovi SM; O’Connell P; Grey ST; Hawthorne WJ; Gunton JE; Rogers NM, 2022, Novel metabolic role for CD47 in pancreatic β-cell insulin secretion and islet transplant outcomes, ,

Campbell J; Walters S; Habibalahi A; Mahbib S; Anwer A; Grey S; Goldys E, 2022, Autofluorophores Assessed by Hyperspectral Microscopy Indicate Perturbation and Transplant Viability in Pancreatic Islets, ,

Zammit N; Gray P; Siggs O; Yap JY; Russell A; Cultrone D; Warren J; Walters S; Brink R; Zahra D; Burnett D; Gayevskiy V; Minoche A; Ziegler J; Craig M; Wong M; Benitez-Aguirre P; Teo J; Cowley M; Dinger M; Tangye S; Burke C; Phan T; Goodnow C; Grey S, 2022, Environmental and genetic disease modifiers of haploinsufficiency of A20, ,

Zammit NW; Walters SN; Seeberger KL; Korbutt GS; Grey ST, 2019, A20 is an immune tolerance factor that can determine islet transplant outcomes, ,

Zammit NW; Wong YY; Walters S; Warren J; Barry SC; Grey ST, RelA Governs a Network of Islet-Specific Metabolic Genes Necessary for Beta-Cell Function, ,

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