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Najmi A; Safarighouzhdi F; Miller EJ; MacIntyre R; Rashidi TH, 2020, Determination of COVID-19 parameters for an agent-based model: Easing or tightening control strategies, ,

Zandavi SM; Rashidi TH; Vafaee F, 2020, Forecasting the Spread of Covid-19 Under Control Scenarios Using LSTM and Dynamic Behavioral Models, ,

Rashidi TH; Shahriari S; Azad AKM; Vafaee F, 2020, Real-time time-series modelling for prediction of COVID-19 spread and intervention assessment, ,

Najmi A; Rashidi TH; Liu W, 2020, Ridesharing in the era of Mobility as a Service (MaaS): An Activity-based Approach with Multimodality and Intermodality, ,

Najmi A; Rey D; Rashidi TH; Waller ST, 2019, Integrating Travel Demand and Network Modelling: a Myth or Future of Transport Modelling, ,

Krueger R; Rashidi TH; Dixit VV, 2019, Autonomous Driving and Residential Location Preferences: Evidence from a Stated Choice Survey, ,

Najmi A; Waller TS; Rashidi T, Equity in Network Design and Pricing: A Discretely-Constrained Mpec Problem, ,

Najmi A; Nair D; Waller TS; Rashidi T, Psychological and Societal Factors of Decision Making in a Transport Context, ,

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