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Roux TR, Comparative Public Law,

Roux TR, Constitutional Courts as Democratic Consolidators: Insights from South Africa Twenty Years On,

Roux TR, In Defence of Empirical Entanglement: The Methodological Flaws in Waldron's Case Against Judicial Review,

Roux TR, Judging the Quality of Legal Research: A Qualified Response to the Demand for Greater Methodological Rigour,

Roux TR, Judicial Activism,

Dixon R; Roux TR, Marking Constitutional Transitions: The Law and Politics of Constitutional Implementation in South Africa,

Roux TR, The Incorporation Problem in Interdisciplinary Legal Research: Some Conceptual Issues and a Practical Illustration,

Roux TR, The Langa Court: Its Leitmotifs and Legacy,

Roux TR, The Role of Legal-Professional Culture in Constitutional Interpretation,

Roux TR; Siregar FE, Trajectories of Curial Power: The Rise, Fall and Partial Rehabilitation of the Indonesian Constitutional Court,

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