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Roscioli T; Teoh HL; Zhu Y; Sampaio H; Mowat D; Buckley M; Farrar MA, 2016, 'Next Generation Sequencing in Spinal muscular atrophy syndromes', Kyoto, Japan, presented at 13th International Congress of Human Genetics, Kyoto, Japan

Gray P; Buckley M; Ziegler J; Lo W; Elakise G; Mackintosh R; Mullan G; O'Brien T; Walsh C; Minoche A; Zhu Y; Gayevskiy V; Lee E; Cowley M; Dinger M; Roscioli T, 2015, 'MENDELIAN ERRORS ASSIST IN CALLING COPY NUMBER VARIATION FROM GENOMIC SEQUENCING DATA: AN ILLUSTRATIVE CASE OF HETEROZYGOUS FAS DELETION', Vol. 45, pp. 21 - 21,

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