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Vendl C; Nelson TM; Ferrari B; Thomas T; Rogers T, Highly abundant core taxa in the blow within and across captive bottlenose dolphins provide evidence for a temporally stable airway microbiota,

Glasl B; Bourne DG; Frade PR; Thomas T; Schaffelke B; Webster NS, Microbial predictors of environmental perturbations in coral reef ecosystems,

Mills JG; Selway CA; Weyrich LS; Skelly C; Weinstein P; Thomas T; Young JM; Marczylo E; Yadav S; Yadav V; Lowe AJ; Breed MF, Rare genera differentiate urban green space soil bacterial communities in three cities across the world,

Mills JG; Selway CA; Thomas T; Weyrich LS; Lowe AJ, School yard biodiversity determines short-term recovery of disturbed skin microbiota in children,

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