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Ng O; Gunasekera S; Thomas S; Varcoe R; Barber T, 2019, 'Arteriovenous Fistula (AVF) Failure Prediction through Patient-Specific (PS) Modelling', Melbourne, presented at Australian Biomedical Engineering Conference, Melbourne, 17 November 2019 - 20 November 2019

Carroll JE; Colley E; Barber T; Simmons A; Thomas S; Varcoe R, 2016, 'A patient-specific case of juxta-anastomotic stenting', presented at Australian and New Zealand Society of Vascular Surgery,

Fulker D; Simmons A; Barber TJ, (ed.), 2015, 'Optimal Placement of the Arterial and Venous Needle in a Radio-Cephalic Fistula', Stavanger, Norway, presented at Nordic Society of Nephrology, Stavanger, Norway, 26 August 2015 - 29 August 2015

Fulker D; Barber TJ; Simmons A, (ed.), 2014, 'The effects of needle rotation and orientation on vascular access patency', Melbourne, presented at Renal Society of Australia, Melbourne, 25 August 2014 - 27 August 2014

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