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Nirmal I; Khamis A; Hassan M; Hu W; Zhu X, 2020, Deep Learning for Radio-based Human Sensing: Recent Advances and Future Directions

Xu W; Zhang J; Kim JY; Huang W; Kanhere SS; Jha SK; Hu W; Misra P, 2020, A Novel Emergency Light Based Smart Building Solution: Design, Implementation and Use Cases

Ahmed N; Michelin RA; Xue W; Ruj S; Malaney R; Kanhere SS; Seneviratne A; Hu W; Janicke H; Jha S, 2020, A Survey of COVID-19 Contact Tracing Apps

Xu W; Kim JY; Huang W; Kanhere S; Jha S; Hu W, 2019, Measurement, Characterization and Modeling of LoRa Technology in Multi-floor Buildings

Lin Q; Xu W; Liu J; Khamis A; Hu W; Hassan M; Seneviratne A, 2019, H2B: Heartbeat-based Secret Key Generation Using Piezo Vibration Sensors

Ma D; Lan G; Hassan M; Hu W; Upama MB; Uddin A; Youssef M, 2018, SolarGest: Ubiquitous and Battery-free Gesture Recognition using Solar Cells

Jurdak R; Elfes A; Kusy B; Tews A; Hu W; Hernandez E; Kottege N; Sikka P, 2015, Autonomous surveillance for biosecurity

Rana R; Kusy B; Wall J; Hu W, 2014, Novel Methods for Activity Classification and Occupany Prediction Enabling Fine-grained HVAC Control

Rana R; Yang M; Wark T; Chou CT; Hu W, 2014, SimpleTrack:Adaptive Trajectory Compression with Deterministic Projection Matrix for Mobile Sensor Networks

Wei B; Varshney A; Hu W; Patwari N; Voigt T; Chou CT, 2014, dRTI: Directional Radio Tomographic Imaging

Rana R; Chou CT; Bulusu N; Kanhere S; Hu W, 2013, Ear-Phone: A Context-Aware Noise Mapping using Smart Phones

Rana R; Yang M; Wark T; Chou CT; Hu W, 2013, A Deterministic Construction of Projection matrix for Adaptive Trajectory Compression

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