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Sentinella A; Moles A; Bragg J; Rossetto M; Sherwin W, 2024, Detecting steps in spatial genetic data: which diversity measures are best?, ,

Shofner R; Sherwin W; Reid C; Runagall-McNaull A; Cassis G; Laffan S, 2023, Genetic diversity of a flightless dung beetle appears unaffected by wildfire, ,

Vardeh S; Sinclair J; Cairns K; Cannell B; Rollins L; Sherwin W, 2023, Genetic connectivity of little penguin colonies in Australia, ,

O'Reilly G; Manlik O; Vardeh S; Sinclair J; Lawler Z; Sherwin W, 2023, Inference of assortative mating and selection on heterozygotes from multi-locus gene families., ,

Stuart K; Edwards R; Sherwin W; Rollins L, 2022, Contrasting patterns of single nucleotide polymorphisms and structural variations across multiple invasions, ,

Mijangos J; Bino G; Hawke T; Kolomyjec S; Kingsford R; Sidhu H; Grant T; Day J; Dias K; Gongora J; Sherwin W, 2022, Fragmentation by major dams and implications for the future viability of platypus populations, ,

Frere C; O'Reilly G; Strickland K; Schultz A; Hohwieler K; Hanger J; Villiers DD; Cristescu R; Powell D; Sherwin W, 2022, Immediate and long-term genetic consequences of linear transport infrastructure: can fauna crossing mitigate its cost?, ,

O'Reilly G; Frere C; Schultz A; Kirkland L; Sherwin W, 2022, Methods for detection of recent population subdivisions, ,

Sentinella A; Sherwin W; Offord C; Moles A, 2021, Unexpected global patterns in plant vulnerability to climate change, ,

Hofmeister NR; Stuart K; Warren WC; Werner SJ; Bateson M; Ball GF; Buchanan KL; Burt DW; Cardilini APA; Cassey P; De Meyer T; George J; Meddle SL; Rowland HM; Sherman CDH; Sherwin W; Berghe WV; Rollins LA; Clayton DF, 2021, Concurrent invasions by European starlings (Sturnus vulgaris) suggest selection on shared genomic regions even after genetic bottlenecks, ,

Byrnes J; Murray J; Tanaka MM; Goldys B; Bellanto A; Cayetano L; Sherwin W, 2020, Are there Physical Linkages between Genes that have Synergistic Fitness Effects?, ,

Cardilini APA; Stuart KC; Cassey P; Richardson MF; Sherwin W; Rollins LA; Sherman CDH, 2019, Signatures of selection in a recent invasion reveals adaptive divergence in a highly vagile invasive species, ,

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