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Schief WK; Hertrich-Jeromin U; Konopelchenko BG, 2024, Affine manifolds: The differential geometry of the multi-dimensionally consistent TED equation, ,

Demskoi DK; Schief WK, 2021, On steady motions of an ideal fibre-reinforced fluid in a curved stratum. Geometry and integrability, ,

Demskoi DK; Schief WK, 2021, On non-steady planar motions of fibre-reinforced fluids. Geometry and integrable structure, ,

Konopelchenko BG; Schief WK; Szereszewski A, 2020, Self-dual Einstein spaces and the general heavenly equation. Eigenfunctions as coordinates, ,

Akopyan AV; Bobenko AI; Schief WK; Techter J, 2019, On mutually diagonal nets on (confocal) quadrics and 3-dimensional webs, ,

Konopelchenko BG; Schief WK, 2019, On an integrable multi-dimensionally consistent 2n+2n-dimensional heavenly-type equation, ,

Bobenko AI; Schief WK; Techter J, 2018, Checkerboard incircular nets. Laguerre geometry and parametrisation, ,

Inoguchi J-I; Jikumaru Y; Kajiwara K; Miura KT; Schief WK, 2018, Log-Aesthetic Curves: Similarity Geometry, Integrable Discretization and Variational Principles, ,

Schief WK; Szereszewski A, 2018, Surface theory in discrete projective differential geometry. I. A canonical frame and an integrable discrete Demoulin system, ,

Inoguchi J-I; Kajiwara K; Miura KT; Sato M; Schief WK; Shimizu Y, 2017, Log-aesthetic Curves as Similarity Geometric Analogue of Euler's Elasticae, ,

Bobenko AI; Schief WK; Suris YB; Techter J, 2017, On a discretization of confocal quadrics. II. A geometric approach to general parametrizations, ,

Bobenko AI; Schief WK; Suris YB; Techter J, 2015, On a discretization of confocal quadrics. I. An integrable systems approach, ,

Bobenko AI; Schief WK, 2015, Circle complexes and the discrete CKP equation, ,

Konopelchenko BG; Schief WK, 2014, Integrable discretization of hodograph-type systems, hyperelliptic integrals and Whitham equations, ,

Kodama Y; Konopelchenko B; Schief WK, 2014, Critical points, Lauricella functions and Whitham-type equations, ,

Bobenko AI; Schief WK, 2014, Discrete line complexes and integrable evolution of minors, ,

Huhnen-Venedey E; Schief WK, 2013, On Weingarten transformations of hyperbolic nets, ,

Schief WK; Konopelchenko BG, 2008, A novel generalization of Clifford's classical point-circle configuration. Geometric interpretation of the quaternionic discrete Schwarzian KP equation, ,

Conte R; Rogers C; Schief W, 2007, Painlevé structure of a multi-ion electrodiffusion system, ,

Konopelchenko BG; Schief WK, 2001, Menelaus' theorem, Clifford configurations and inversive geometry of the Schwarzian KP hierarchy, ,

Hanke M; Schief W; Weissensteiner A, Rom Simulation with Exact Means, Covariances, and Multivariate Skewness, ,

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