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Aminpour F; Feng X; Pettit C; Mularczyk L, 2023, Sharing Public Open Spaces with Local Schools: A Stakeholder-Based Analysis of Planning and Governance Issues, ,

Astell-Burt T; Hartig T; Putra IGNE; Walsan R; Dendup T; Feng X, 2022, Green space and loneliness: a systematic review with theoretical and methodological guidance for future research, ,

Rahimi-Ardabili H; Feng X; Nguyen P-Y; Astell-Burt T, 2022, Have deaths of despair risen during the COVID-19 pandemic? A rapid systematic review, ,

John EE; Astell-Burt T; Yu P; Brennan-Horley C; Feng X, 2022, Green Space Type and Healthy Ageing in Place: An Australian Longitudinal Study, ,

Nguyen P-Y; Astell-Burt T; Rahimi-Ardabili H; Feng X, 2022, Nature prescriptions: a scoping review with a nested meta-analysis, ,

Min K; WANG J; LIAO W; Astell-Burt T; FENG X; CAI S; LIU Y; ZHANG P; SU F; YANG K; SUN L; ZHANG J; WANG L; LIN G; JIANG Y, 2020, Dietary Patterns and Their Associations With Overweight/Obesity Among Preschool Children in Dongcheng District of Beijing: A Cross-sectional Study, ,

Liu Y; Astell-Burt T; Feng X; Mao F; Liang R; Yin P; Wang L; Wang L; Zhou M, 2019, Enhancing understandings of social determinants of health in China: Linkage and analysis of a national multilevel population health surveillance with routinely collected mortality records for 98 058 people in 31 provinces of mainland China, ,

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