Scientia Professor Dennis Del Favero

My Expertise

Interdisciplinary projects that explore the unpredictable relationship between the human and natural worlds using artistic AI visualisation systems.

Field of Research (FoR)

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ARC Laureate Fellow

Chair Professor of Digital Innovation | Faculty of Arts, Design and Architecture

Executive Director, iCinema Centre for Interactive Cinema Research 

Scientia Professor Dennis Del Favero is a research artist and ARC Laureate Fellow. He is a Chair Professor of Digital Innovation; Executive Director of the iCinema Research Centre; Director | Research of EPICentre and Member of the Editorial Board of Quodlibet Studio Corpi.


iCinema Centre
Room 601, Level 6
Civil Engineering Building
Gate 11 via Botany St
UNSW Kensington


+61 (02) 9385 0808