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Cortes CAT; Thurow S; Ong A; Sharples JJ; Bednarz T; Stevens G; Favero DD; Tirado Cortes C; Del Favero D, 2023, 'Analysis of Wildfire Visualization Systems for Research and Training: Are They up for the Challenge of the Current State of Wildfires?', IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, PP, pp. 1 - 20,

Thurow S; Del Favero D; Wallen L, 2021, 'The iDesign platform – immersive intelligent aesthetics for scenographic modelling', Theatre and Performance Design, 7, pp. 82 - 95,

Thurow S; Frohne U; Del Favero D, 2020, 'Immersive Intelligent Aesthetics as Conduit for Digital and Public Humanities Research', magazén – International Journal for Digital & Public Humanities, 1, pp. 1 - 18,

de Belen RAJ; Bednarz T; Sowmya A; Del Favero D, 2020, 'Computer vision in autism spectrum disorder research: a systematic review of published studies from 2009 to 2019', Translational Psychiatry, 10, pp. 333,

de Belen RAJ; Nguyen H; Filonik D; Favero DD; Bednarz T; Del Favero D, 2019, 'A systematic review of the current state of collaborative mixed reality technologies: 2013–2018', AIMS Electronics and Electrical Engineering, 3, pp. 181 - 223,

Brown N; Barker TS; Del Favero D, 2011, 'Performing Digital Aesthetics: The Framework for a Theory of the Formation of Interactive Narratives', Leonardo - Journal of the International Society for the Arts, Sciences and Technology, 44, pp. 212 - 219,

Del Favero D, 2005, 'How One Might Live: The 51st Venice Biennale.', Art Monthly Australia, pp. 3 - 9

Leitner B; Petit C; Link D; Favero DD; Hegedüs A; Howard I; Norrie S; Shaw J; Weibel P; Miller PD; Spooky AKAD; Popp M; Oval AKA; Fujihata M; Cooper S; Cosic V; Ra'ad W, 2002, 'Selections for the Tenth New York Digital Salon (Zkm Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe)', Leonardo, 35, pp. 539 - 548,

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