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Ilyas M; Stapleton F; Willcox M; Henriquez F; Peguda HK; Rayamajhee B; Zahid T; Petsoglou C; Carnt N, 2023, Epidemiology and Genetic Factors Associated with <em>Acanthamoeba</em> Keratitis, ,

Akter N; Perry S; Fletcher J; Simunovic MP; Stapleton F; Roy M, 2023, Glaucoma Detection and Feature Visualization from OCT Images Using Deep Learning, ,

Tajbakhsh Z; Jalbert I; Stapleton F; Briggs N; Golebiowski B, 2022, Diurnal changes and topographical distribution of ocular surface epithelial dendritic cells in humans, and repeatability of density and morphology assessment, ,

Shrestha GS; Vijay AK; Stapleton F; Pickford R; Carnt N, 2021, Human Tear Metabolomics Using Liquid Chromatography-Q Exactive-HF Mass Spectrometry, ,

Fu A; Stapleton F; Wei L; Wang W; Zhao B; Watt K; Yu S; Cui C; Lyu Y, 2020, Risk factors for rapid axial length elongation with low concentration atropine for myopia control, ,

Sarwat S; Stapleton FJ; Perry Willcox MD; O’Mara PB; Tilley RD; Gooding JJ; Roy M, 2020, Evaluation of optically tailored fluorescent silicon quantum dots for bioimaging of the tear film, ,

Khan M; Summers S; Rice SA; Stapleton F; Willcox MDP; Subedi D, 2020, Acquired fluoroquinolone resistance genes in corneal isolates of Pseudomonas aeruginosa, ,

Khan M; Willcox MDP; Rice SA; Sharma S; Stapleton F, 2020, Changes to the resistome of Pseudomonas aeruginosa clone ST308 associated with corneal infection over time, ,

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