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Goeree JK, 2022, The Economy's Potential: Duality and Equilibrium,

Goeree JK; Louis P, 2018, M Equilibrium: A theory of beliefs and choices in games,

Goeree JK; Kushnir AI, A Geometric Approach to Mechanism Design,

Goeree JK; Lien Y, An Equilibrium Analysis of the Simultaneous Ascending Auction,

Shobe W; Palmer KL; Myers EC; Holt CA; Goeree JK; Burtraw D, An Experimental Analysis of Auctioning Emissions Allowances Under a Loose Cap,

Goeree JK; Holt CA; Palmer KL; Shobe W; Burtraw D, An Experimental Study of Auctions Versus Grandfathering to Assign Pollution Permits,

Goeree JK; Yariv L, An Experimental Study of Jury Deliberation,

Holt CA; Shobe W; Burtraw D; Palmer KL; Goeree JK, Auction Design for Selling CO<sub>2</sub> Emission Allowances Under the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative,

Burtraw D; Goeree JK; Holt CA; Myers EC; Palmer KL; Shobe W, Collusion in Auctions for Emission Permits: An Experimental Analysis,

Baumol WJ; Arrow KJ; Athey S; Baker JB; Bazelon C; Brennan T; Bresnahan TF; Bulow J; Che Y-K; Cramton PC; Ackerberg DA; Alleman JH; Crawford GS; DeMarzo PM; Faulhaber GR; Fox JT; Gale IL; Goeree JK; Goldfarb BD; Greenstein SM; Hahn RW; Hall RE; Hanson W; Harris B; Harris RG; Hauge JA; Hausman JA; Hazlett TW; Hendricks K; Hudson H; Jamison MA; Kagel JH; Kahn AE; Kremer I; Krishna V; Lehr W; Lenard TM; Levin JD; Lien Y-C; Mayo JW; McAdams D; Milgrom PR; Noll RG; Owen BM; Plott CR; Porter RH; Reny P; Riordan MH; Salant DJ; Savage S; Samuelson WF; Schmalensee R; Schwartz M; Skrzypacz A; Smith VL; Vincent DR; Waldfogel J; Wallsten S; Weber RJ; Wimmer BS; Woroch GA; Ye L; Hayes J; Rosston GL, Comments of 71 Concerned Economists: Using Procurement Auctions to Allocate Broadband Stimulus Grants,

Goeree JK; Zhang J, Communication and Competition,

Goeree JK; Offerman TJS; Sloof R, Demand Reduction and Preemptive Bidding in Multi-Unit License Auctions,

Goeree JK; Lindsay L, Designing Package Markets to Eliminate Exposure Risk,

Goeree JK; Riedl AM; Ule A, In Search of Stars: Network Formation among Heterogeneous Agents,

Goeree JK; Zhang J, Inefficient Markets,

Goeree JK; Louis P, M Equilibrium: A Theory of Beliefs and Choices in Games,

Goeree JK; Kushnir AI, On the Equivalence of Bayesian and Dominant Strategy Implementation in a General Class of Social Choice Problems,

Goeree JK; Lien Y, On the Impossibility of Core-Selecting Auctions,

Boone J; Goeree JK, Optimal Market Design,

Boone J; Goeree JK, Optimal Privatization using Qualifying Auctions,

Burtraw D; Goeree JK; Holt CA; Myers EC; Palmer KL; Shobe W, Price Discovery in Emissions Permit Auctions,

Bichler M; Goeree JK; Mayer SK; Shabalin P, Spectrum Auction Design: Simple Auctions for Complex Sales,

Goeree JK; Lindsay L, Stabilizing the Economy: Market Design and General Equilibrium,

Agranov M; Goeree JK; Romero J; Yariv L, What Makes Voters Turn Out: The Effects of Polls and Beliefs,

Brunner C; Goeree JK, Wise Crowds or Wise Minorities?,

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