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Walsh S; Brain J; Mukadam N; Anderson R; Greene L; Govia I; Kuhn I; Anstey KJ; Knapp M; Stephan BCM; Brayne C, 2022, 'A systematic review of the cost-effectiveness of community and population interventions to reduce the modifiable risk factors for dementia', Maturitas, vol. 166, pp. 104 - 116,

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Sinclair C; Eramudugolla R; Cherbuin N; Mortby ME; Anstey KJ, 2022, 'The impact of mild cognitive impairment on decision-making under explicit risk conditions: Evidence from the Personality and Total Health (PATH) Through Life longitudinal study', JOURNAL OF THE INTERNATIONAL NEUROPSYCHOLOGICAL SOCIETY,

Kochan NA; Heffernan M; Valenzuela M; Sachdev PS; Lam BCP; Singh MF; Anstey KJ; Chau T; Brodaty H, 2022, 'Reliability, Validity, and User-Experience of Remote Unsupervised Computerized Neuropsychological Assessments in Community-Living 55 to 75-Year-Olds.', J Alzheimers Dis,

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Peters R; Xu Y; Eramudugolla R; Sachdev PS; Cherbuin N; Tully PJ; Mortby ME; Anstey KJ, 2022, 'Diastolic Blood Pressure Variability in Later Life May Be a Key Risk Marker for Cognitive Decline', Hypertension, vol. 79, pp. 1037 - 1044,

Eramudugolla R; Laird M; Black AA; Cameron ID; Wood JM; Anstey KJ, 2022, 'Inability of the Mini-Mental State Exam (MMSE) and high-contrast visual acuity to identify unsafe drivers', Accident Analysis and Prevention, vol. 168, pp. 106595,

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Anstey KJ; Zheng L; Peters R; Kootar S; Barbera M; Stephen R; Dua T; Chowdhary N; Solomon A; Kivipelto M, 2022, 'Dementia Risk Scores and Their Role in the Implementation of Risk Reduction Guidelines', Frontiers in Neurology, vol. 12,

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Anstey KJ; Kootar S; Huque MH; Eramudugolla R; Peters R, 2022, 'Development of the CogDrisk tool to assess risk factors for dementia', ALZHEIMER'S & DEMENTIA: DIAGNOSIS, ASSESSMENT & DISEASE MONITORING, vol. 14,

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