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Yao F; Dai L; Fang C; Zhang X; Wang Y; Xu X; Han S; Yang R; Li R; Zhu J; Sun J, 2024, 'Molecule level precise construction of donor–acceptor polymeric carbon nitride for photocatalytic hydrogen evolution', Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 654, pp. 1154 - 1162,

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Ye F; Zhang S; Cheng Q; Long Y; Liu D; Paul R; Fang Y; Su Y; Qu L; Dai L; Hu C, 2023, 'The role of oxygen-vacancy in bifunctional indium oxyhydroxide catalysts for electrochemical coupling of biomass valorization with CO2 conversion', Nature Communications, 14,

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Zhang Z; Dai L, 2023, 'The application of the cell mapping method in the characteristic diagnosis of nonlinear dynamical systems', Nonlinear Dynamics, 111, pp. 18095 - 18112,

Wang Y; Ma J; Cao X; Chen S; Dai L; Zhang J, 2023, 'Bionic Mineralization toward Scalable MOF Films for Ampere-Level Biomass Upgrading', Journal of the American Chemical Society, 145, pp. 20624 - 20633,

Dai L; Foroutan K, 2023, 'Nonlinear Stability and Vibration Analyses of Functionally Graded Variable Thickness Toroidal Shell Segments Reinforced with Spiral Stiffeners', International Journal of Applied Mechanics, 15,

Li Y; Chen J; Ji Y; Zhao Z; Cui W; Sang X; Cheng Y; Yang B; Li Z; Zhang Q; Lei L; Wen Z; Dai L; Hou Y, 2023, 'Single-atom Iron Catalyst with Biomimetic Active Center to Accelerate Proton Spillover for Medical-level Electrosynthesis of H2O2 Disinfectant', Angewandte Chemie - International Edition, 62,

Li Y; Chen J; Ji Y; Zhao Z; Cui W; Sang X; Cheng Y; Yang B; Li Z; Zhang Q; Lei L; Wen Z; Dai L; Hou Y, 2023, 'Single‐atom Iron Catalyst with Biomimetic Active Center to Accelerate Proton Spillover for Medical‐level Electrosynthesis of H2O2 Disinfectant', Angewandte Chemie, 135,

Zheng X; Chen S; Li J; Wu H; Zhang C; Zhang D; Chen X; Gao Y; He F; Hui L; Liu H; Jiu T; Wang N; Li G; Xu J; Xue Y; Huang C; Chen C; Guo Y; Lu TB; Wang D; Mao L; Zhang J; Zhang Y; Chi L; Guo W; Bu XH; Zhang H; Dai L; Zhao Y; Li Y, 2023, 'Two-Dimensional Carbon Graphdiyne: Advances in Fundamental and Application Research', ACS Nano, 17, pp. 14309 - 14346,

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Fang M; Wang M; Wang Z; Zhang Z; Zhou H; Dai L; Zhu Y; Jiang L, 2023, 'Hydrophobic, Ultrastable Cuδ+for Robust CO2Electroreduction to C2Products at Ampere-Current Levels', Journal of the American Chemical Society, 145, pp. 11323 - 11332,

Su H; Nilghaz A; Liu D; Dai L; Tang B; Wang Z; Razal JM; Tian J; Li J, 2023, 'Self-operating seawater-driven electricity nanogenerator for continuous energy generation and storage', Chemical Engineering Journal Advances, 14,

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Zhou Y; Zhang H; Wang Y; Wan T; Guan P; Zhou X; Wang X; Chen Y; Shi H; Dou A; Su M; Guo R; Liu Y; Dai L; Chu D, 2023, 'Relieving Stress Concentration through Anion-Cation Codoping toward Highly Stable Nickel-Rich Cathode', ACS Nano,

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