Postgraduate Research Scholarships

Graduate Research School

UNSW assists postgraduate researchers by providing a wide range of prestigious scholarships. The scholarships provide a range of benefits such as annual stipends, living allowances and coverage of tuition fee costs, as well as funding and supplements for travel. Scholarships are available to support current and new postgraduate research candidates at UNSW.

Important changes to Postgraduate Research Scholarship rounds
UNSW Sydney Postgraduate Research Scholarships will now be open for and assessed in 4 Rounds throughout the year. These rounds, named Round 1-4, will be open to both International and Domestic applicants. The round numbers do not correspond with the same number Semester, so please ensure you check our Key Dates page to check which scholarship round you should apply for. Late or Out of Round applications will not be accepted.

Please be advised that UNSW no longer accepts English waiver requests for scholarship applicants commencing a research degree. This means you must meet the requirements through the following three channels:

 All scholarship applicants must meet UNSW English requirements by the scholarship deadline.
This change in policy will come into effect for Round 2 applicants onwards. If your request for a waiver was submitted prior to the 7th April 2017, this will be still be considered. 

For the UNSW English Language requirements please see
For Graduate Research School Key Dates and scholarship application deadlines please see

Available Scholarships
Students can apply for the UNSW scholarships during their admission application (please see How To Apply steps for instructions and Key Dates for relevant dates). The UNSW scholarships available to Domestic students are:

  • Domestic Research Training Program (RTP) - previously called Australian Postgraduate Award (APA)
  • University Postgraduate Award (UPA)
  • Faculty top ups – attached to RTP or UPA

The UNSW scholarships available to International students are:

  • International Research Training Program (RTP) - previously called International Postgraduate Research Scholarship (IPRS)
  • University International Postgraduate Award (UIPA)
  • Tuition Fee Scholarship (TFS) plus a Research Stipend
  • UNSW/Home Country Joint Scholarships 

If applying for the above scholarships, please ensure you read the relevant Scholarship Guidelines, as well as the Commonwealth Government Guidelines (please see Related Links).

 Further to the main awards offered by UNSW during the admission application, UNSW has a range of other scholarships available.  Please read individual conditions and information.

The UNSW Paid Maternity Leave Scholarships are designed to enable local PhD candidates currently in receipt of a scholarship with no maternity leave entitlements to apply for paid maternity leave for a period of up to 12 weeks, under the same conditions that are provided by the APA/UPA scholarships. The support will be equal to the value of the scholarship that the candidate has held for at least two semesters.
To apply, please email Roslyn McCann at with your request, along with the dates of your Maternity leave and a copy of your doctor's certificate.