Award under the Research Centre Funding Scheme (EWI) to establish the Advanced Environmental Biotechnology Centre (AEBC)

Faculty: Science
Professor Staffan Kjelleberg has promoted UNSW’s involvement in Asia through the Centre for Marine Bio-Innovation's (CMB) involvement with the Advanced Environmental Biotechnology Centre (AEBC) in Singapore.

The AEBC is based at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore and is jointly run by the Nanyang and Environmental Water Research Institute (NEWRI) at NTU and CMB at UNSW. The AEBC focuses on using the biology of engineered systems to address pressing global problems such as the increased demand on fresh water and other natural resources, ecosystem stresses, the need to improve water and waste management, and the health of coastal marine systems.

Current projects involve bioprocessing, biofilm biology, and coral reef ecology and microbiology. Students and personnel from CMB and NEWRI participate in ongoing exchanges, enabling expertise and training to be shared between the institutions.

Image: Coral larvae settled on a piece of coralline red alga Amphiroa anceps from Botany Bay, Sydney (Tilman Harder)

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