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Professor Mike Letnic

Mike Letnic is an ecologist who grew up in Sydney, Australia and has worked at UNSW since 2012. Mike completed a BSc at UNSW.
Sherwood Research

Current Projects The projects below are ongoing and I would welcome the participation of new students!  (My current team should appear at the bottom of this page).
Building up quantum electronics with tailored semiconductor nanostructures

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This project aims to develop a new generation of nanoscale InAs/GaSb devices produced ‘from the bottom up’ using state-of-the-art 3D templated semiconductor growth methods. This material’s key feature is a pair of electron and hole layers separated by a few nanometers.
Advanced Nanomaterial for Harvesting and Processing of Microalgae

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A research opportunity exists for undergraduate and higher degree research student in science and engineering to investigate the use of advanced nanomaterials for microalgae harvesting and processing at UNSW's School of Chemical Engineering.