EPIWATCH – rapid epidemic intelligence

Imagine. COVID detected before it spread worldwide through an early signal for severe pneumonia. The epidemic stopped in it’s tracks in 2019 and consigned to the archives of rare, serious outbreaks.


EPIWATCH is an open source outbreak observatory for early outbreak warning & rapid risk analysis that provides real-time decision support tools with meticulously researched and validated data. It is an artificial intelligence-driven, automated, event-based surveillance system for rapid detection of epidemic signals in vast open-source data, including news reports and social media in multiple languages.  Our team of analysts review signals daily, and our team of software engineers work on continual improvement of the system. Epiwatch can identify potential outbreak risks earlier than detection based on traditional reporting by harnessing vast, open source data that reflects what is happening in communities worldwide in real-time. EPIWATCH applies algorithms and machine learning to select out signals of unusual spikes in clinical syndromes or diseases. The features of EPIWATCH are:

  • Early epidemic detection
  • Rapid epidemic reports and a weekly digest
  • Customizable alerts (including alerts for non- infection events of any kind)
  • Rapid risk analysis tools
  • Modelling and simulation
  • Real-time decision support


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Project collaborators: External

Cecile Paris
CSIRO Data 61
A/Prof Lina Yao
UNSW Engineering
Dr Ross Sparks
CSIRO Data 61
Dr Sarvnaz Karimi
CSIRO Data 61

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