Exploring optimal anterior corneal surface refractive power profiles for correction of presbyopia through analysis of centre-near multifocal soft contact lens designs.

Exploring optimal corneal surface profiles for correction of presbyopia

The purpose of this project is to develop greater understanding of the effect of centre-near multifocal soft contact lens designs on visual function. Simultaneously captured data of whole eye aberrations and anterior contact lens surface aberrations during lens wear will be used to calculate vision metrics which will be compared against measured visual performance at distance, intermediate and near. Visual outcomes will be compared to baseline aberration data to establish models that can be used to predict and aid success in multifocal soft contact lens fitting. The computer models established from the data collected in this study will also be used to assist development of a novel OK lens design as an alternative contact lens modality for the refractive correction of presbyopia. Centre-near designs were chosen for investigation because they more closely resemble the effect created by the hyperopic OK lenses from our previous studies.

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Dr Paul Gifford
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