Immunisation in Under Studied and Special Risk Populations: “Closing the Gap in Knowledge through a Multidisciplinary Approach”

This NHMRC CRE in Population Health Research commenced in 2012 and is focused on immunisation for vulnerable or marginalised population subgroups at increased disease risk. These risk groups suffer disproportionate morbidity and mortality, either because of less robust immunity or because of co-morbidities and environmental factors. Research to inform immunisation policy and practice in these groups usually remains beyond the scope of funding from government or industry, and as such is the focus of our CRE.

We are committed to capacity building of future leaders, post-doctoral researchers and students in this field, as well as to conducting research to advance the understanding of immunisation in special risk populations in the four streams:

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander vaccination needs
  • Neonatal and Parental vaccination strategies
  • Frail elderly
  • Migrant, traveller and refugee health