Professor Mike Letnic

Faculty: Science

Mike Letnic is an ecologist who grew up in Sydney, Australia and has worked at UNSW since 2012. Mike completed a BSc at UNSW. He then dabbled in field ecology and journalism for about 4 years before doing a PhD in desert ecology at the University of Sydney.

Mike’s research focuses strongly on understanding how ecosystems work and integrates rigorous experimental science with broadscale studies describing how ecosystems are organized in space and time. Mike’s research has important applications for biodiversity conservation, ecosystem restoration and wildlife management including the management of apex predators, impacts of invasive species, rewilding, reintroduction biology, impacts and management of fire and functioning of arid ecosystems. Mike loves science communication and story-telling and actively communicates the findings of his work through the media.


A clip from the documentary Australia's Wild Odyssey where I talk about the ecological effects of the Australian dingo fence