Shaped and Stimulus-Responsive Droplets for Improved Delivery

Design of Functional Shapes

This project is focused on applications like controlled delivery of softeners, nutrients, and drugs from droplets like those in a shampoo, food, or drug formulation.  It has been shown that shape of a particle can control and vastly improve delivery efficiency from a flow but most studies have focused on solid particles with unusual shapes.  Because many materials are delivered from liquid droplets, we invented a way to produce liquid oil droplets with an internal skeleton that preserves almost any shape we template.  Surprisingly, we have found that these droplets can also be caused to change their shape as the result of a stimulus such as dilution or heating, allowing them to grab onto any nearby surfaces.  We are working on a project sponsored by P&G to study the performance of rod-shaped droplets at depositing onto skin and hair.

Honours and thesis projects supporting key elements of this work are available.  For more information please contact A/Prof. Pat Spicer:

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