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Scientia Professor Martina Stenzel

Faculty: Science
Fields of Research (FoR): Polymers, Nanomedicine, Biomaterials, Nanobiotechnology
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Martina Stenzel is an ARC Future Fellow and Professor in the School of Chemistry. Her research experience and interests include:
Associate Professor Stuart Prescott

Faculty: Engineering
Fields of Research (FoR): Colloid and Surface Chemistry, Polymers, Surfaces and Structural Properties of Condensed Matter, Instruments and Techniques, Simulation and Modelling
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Stuart's principal research interest is in developing understanding of the relationships between the structures adopted by molecules at interfaces and the physical properties of these interfaces.
Dr Wanjie Xie

Faculty: Engineering
Fields of Research (FoR): Functional Materials, Polymers, Composite and Hybrid Materials, Metals and Alloy Materials, Biomaterials

Dr. Wanjie Xie is a Research Associate working under the supervision of Prof.
Dr Nathaniel Corrigan

Faculty: Engineering
Fields of Research (FoR): Polymers, Chemical Engineering Design, Macromolecular and Materials Chemistry, Materials Engineering, Nanotechnology

Nathaniel Corrigan is a postdoctoral researcher working in the Cluster for Advanced Macromolecular Design (CAMD) and the Autralian Centre for Nanomedicine (ACN) in the School of Chemical Engineerin