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The aim of Science ECAN is to serve as a leadership and representative body for early career academics (ECAs) in the Faculty of Science. Specifically, the Committee aims to support ECAs by assisting them to:

  • Clarify their career directions and goals;
  • Learn from the experiences of academics at various levels in the Faculty of Science;
  • Build a network of colleagues from across the University and different discipline areas;
  • Think strategically about their individual priorities and how these fit into the Faculty of Science and broader University context; and
  • Access relevant resources for research, teaching and career development.





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Executive Committee

Science ECAN Executive Committee



School of Aviation

Dr. Yulian Cao




School of BABS

Dr. Natalia Castano Rodriguez




School of BEES

Dr. Miriam Munoz-Rojas




School of Chemistry

Dr. Anna Wang




School of Material Sciences and Engineering

Dr. Samane Maroufi





School of Mathematics & Statistics

Dr. Boris Beranger




School of Optometry & Vision Science

Dr. Vanessa Honson



School of Physics

Dr. Andre Goios Borges de Almeida



School of Psychology

Dr. Zhi Yi Ong





What do I need to do if I want to be a member of Science ECAN?

If you are a new ECA at UNSW, you will be registered to ECAN automatically. This information will be sent to Science ECAN and you will be also added to our Faculty network. If you are an ECA who has been working at UNSW for a while but you are not a member yet, please use the following link to register:




Contact us

Do you want to get involved? Do you have any questions? Or an event you would like to propose? Feel free to contact us at:


Please check our Twitter account @UNSWscienceECAN for the latest news and future events.





Past events

23rd November 2018 - How to get NHMRC and ARC funding as an Early Career Researcher?

Based on our Science ECAN foundation survey, we identified research funding as a major obstacle for ECAs in the Faculty of Science. Our aim with this event was to provide the support and motivation that were clearly lacking. Importantly, we had received very good feedback from our attendants stating that they really enjoyed and valued this event.

ECANscience_20181123_1.jpg ECANscience_20181123_2.jpg


29th May 2019 - Where to From Here? Career Pathways for Early Career Academics

As academic job opportunities are declining but more PhDs graduate each year, the UNSW Science Early Career Academic Network is hosting a panel and networking event to explore important employment opportunities and pathways available to early career academics. We have invited speakers with expertise in a range of career fields to help answer your questions.

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3rd October 2019 - NHMRC Investigator Grant Session for ECAs (Science ECAN and Medicine ECAN join event)

The first NHMRC Investigator Grant outcomes were just released but Investigator Grant 2020 applications are due in a couple of months! If you are thinking about putting in an application in the next round and would like to know how to improve your application or even if you would just like to learn more about this scheme, please join us in this NHMRC Investigator Grant Workshop.

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17th October 2019 - Beyond the NHMRC and ARC (Science ECAN and Medicine ECAN join event)

Given that success rates for Category 1 grants (e.g. NHMRC and ARC) are getting lower each year and that ECAs often find it hard to compete against more established/senior researchers for these schemes, instead of focussing on NHMRC or ARC grants, have you thought about applying for other category grants? Do you know where to find these grant opportunities? Are you aware that the success rates for Category 2 grants are higher?

2019_event2_1.png 2019_event2_2.png


30th October 2019 - How to find my metrics? (Science ECAN and Medicine ECAN join event)

Metrics are becoming increasingly important these days for grant applications and promotions. Knowing the type of metrics available and how to successfully use them to highlight your track record could be extremely useful and crucial to make you stand out from the crowd.

2019_event3_1.png 2019_event3_2.png