The principles of the 3Rs are central to the ethical conduct of research involving animals and are defined in the Governing Principles of Australia’s animal research Code as:

  • Replacement of animals with other methods; 
  • Reduction in the number of animals used; and
  • Refinement of techniques used to minimise the adverse impact on animals.

The UNSW 3Rs Grant Scheme was established to support science-based projects that promote research that furthers the replacement, reduction and refinement of the use of animals in research.

Since launching the Scheme in 2019, a large proportion of applications have featured proposals based on organoids and related technologies. A strong interest in these technologies has also been expressed by UNSW researchers more broadly.

As a result of this interest and rapid development in organoid technologies, funds for the 2022 3Rs Scheme will be allocated as follows:
i. $200,000 will be allocated to an organoid core facility currently being established at UNSW to support research through consolidation of specialist skills and equipment.
ii. $50,000 will be allocated to grants to support research in any field relevant to the 3Rs except organoids and related technologies.

All proposals that clearly support any of the 3Rs will be considered although priority may be given to proposals that:

  • Research grants under item ‘ii’ above (i.e. the $50,000 allocated to research not involving organoids or related technologies).
  • Show the greatest promise for replacing or substantially reducing the number of animals used in research; or
  • Establish or significantly develop new methodologies; or
  • Develop animal welfare applications for the University's Tecniplast digital ventilated caging system.
Key dates for the 2022 UNSW 3Rs Scheme




Call for applications

Applications open and guidelines published

Wednesday 20 July 2022

Applications close

5pm Monday 29 August 2022

Review and approval

Review and ranking of applications (completion)

Monday 19 September 2022


Announcement of funding outcomes

End September 2022

Release of funds

Early October 2022

Grant Guidelines

Guidelines providing full details are available here.

Application Process

2022 round is now closed.


For inquiries, please contact the Office of the PVC (Research Infrastructure) via