UNSW International Research Roadshows

For more than 50 years UNSW has committed to building international partnerships with institutions around in the world.The Research Strategy and Partnerships Office (RSPO) supports a range of International Research Roadshows to enable UNSW researchers to travel to priority countries including China, Indonesia and India and make new connections or strengthen existing relationships which will lead to collaborative research partnerships in the future.


2017 UNSW-India Research Roadshow

The 2017 UNSW-India Research Roadshow will be held from 20-24 November 2017.


2017 UNSW-Indonesia Research Roadshow

The 2017 UNSW-Indonesia Research Roadshow will be held from 25 - 29 September, 2017. 

The inaugural UNSW-Indonesia Research Roadshow was held in August 2016. You can read more about the Roadshow here.