Data Storage and Tools



UNSW provides researchers with a range of solutions for capturing and storing data then sharing it for reuse.

  • The UNSW Data Archive ( is a non-delete system designed to help researchers meet their obligations for long term management of research data. 
  • OneDrive, part of our UNSW Microsoft Office capability, is suitable for most research projects and is a great way to store and share data during a project.
  • eNotebooks are useful tools for capturing data during projects. Pilot implementations of OneNote and LabArchive are currently being run.



An electronic Notebook (eNotebook) is a digital platform that is designed to replace traditional paper research notebooks and provide researchers with a digital, collaborative, note‑keeping tool. For more information please go to:

Data Support Contact

The Research Technology Data Support team can provide

  • best practice advice
  • help with supported systems
  • large/sensitive data moves

Please contact us at: