Need help with your code? Not sure where to store your data?

Online Hacky Hour is a relaxed, informal weekly meetup where researchers (staff or students) from all disciplines can join in to work on their research problems related to code, data, or digital tools in a friendly environment. Researchers can discuss IT or Tech ideas for accelerating their research. Often researchers will meet to get help with common data science programs like R or Python or for info about data Storage or HPC.

Our team, Research Technology Services (ResTech), will be monitoring the Hacky Hour channel between 3 - 4pm every Thursday.

To join it's as easy as 1-2-3:

1. Copy, paste and fill out this table into a message in the Hacky Hour channel:

Question for Hacky Hour Hi, I need help with...
Faculty & Job  
Email Address  


2. We pair you up with someone from our team.

3. You will then meet with one of us in a private chat room where you can text, call or screen share.

R or statistical questions? Contact Stats Central! Their website:

Need to share some code within Teams?

We understand that many of you come to Hacky Hour for help with code-related issues. Fortunately, Teams has the ability to send code through a message! To send a code snippet in a chat or channel message, first click Format Expand button below the compose box Format ,, then select Code snippet button in the format bar Code snippet . This opens a dialog box, where you can enter your code as well as a title for the snippet. Select the language you want to use, and choose whether you want your text to wrap. Syntax highlighting and auto-indentation help you to write your code the way you want. When you send your snippet, it’s included in the message as a card, and the recipient can view it inline with the syntax highlighting intact. If you want to edit your code snippet after you’ve sent it, select More options  >  Edit on your message, then Edit button again on the snippet card.