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The Research Data Management Lifecycle



Research Data Lifecycle


The Research Data Management (RDM) lifecycle is the overarching process that guides a researcher through the different steps their data takes throughout a research project.

The stages in the lifecycle are inter-related and each must be considered in relation to the other. If not, there could be serious implications both on your current project, publications, and the ability to reuse the data in the future.

The information and tools outlined in this website will happen you manage your data through the entire lifecycle.

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The first steps in RDM at UNSW

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Complete core RDM Online Training Modules

Classify all research data

Have a 'Living' RDM plan for each UNSW Research Project

Use UNSW-supported data platforms


RDM@UNSW is here to help you. Email us with your questions on Data Management, Storage, Classification, Training, and any other Data issues.


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RDM Guides
Expand to learn how to store, classify and manage your research data.
Data Classification Guide

UNSW has a Data Classification Standard for assessing data sensitivity, measured by the adverse impact a breach of the data would have upon UNSW. Based on your classification, we offer a number of supported storage platforms for you to use in your research project

DataClassificationGuide_Web%20Ver.%20Aug%202019-page-001.jpg DataClassificationGuide_Web%20Ver.%20Aug%202019-page-002.jpg
Data Storage Guide
UNSW provides a number of supported data storage platforms for our researchers.
DataStorageGuide DataStorageGuide_Web%20Ver.%20Aug%202019-page-002.jpg
Data Retention Guide

Research data has requirements for data retention over the course of the project and afterwards. The following diagram outlines how long you need to keep the various types of data associated with your project. Our data storage guide can help you choose a suitable supported storage platform. For more details, you can also visit UNSW Record Keeping's Research Records page

Retention%20Guide_Web%20Ver.%20Oct%202019-page-001.jpg Retention%20Guide_Web%20Ver.%20Oct%202019-page-002.jpg
RDM@UNSW Introduction RDM@UNSW Town Hall Presentation


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