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Phillips T; Fairley C; Donovan B; Ong J; McNulty A; Marshall L; Templeton D; Owen L; Ward A; Gunathilake M; Russell D; Langton-Lockton J; Bourne C; Martin S; Chow E, 2021, 'SEXUAL HEALTH SERVICE ADAPTATIONS TO THE CORONAVIRUS DISEASE 2019 (COVID-19) PANDEMIC IN AUSTRALIA: A NATIONWIDE ONLINE SURVEY', in SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED INFECTIONS, BMJ PUBLISHING GROUP, Vol. 97, pp. A130 - A131,

Lau A; Kong FYS; Fairley CK; Templeton DJ; Amin J; Phillips S; Law M; Chen MY; Bradshaw CS; Donovan B; McNulty A; Boyd MA; Timms P; Chow EPF; Regan DG; Khaw C; Lewis DA; Kaldor J; Ratnayake M; Carvalho N; Hocking JS, 2021, 'TREATMENT EFFICACY OF 1G AZITHROMYCIN VERSUS 100MG DOXYCYCLINE BI-DAILY FOR SEVEN DAYS FOR ASYMPTOMATIC RECTAL CHLAMYDIA TRACHOMATIS', in SEXUAL HEALTH, CSIRO PUBLISHING, Vol. 18, pp. XX - XX,

Chow E; Williamson D; Hocking J; Law M; Maddaford K; Bradshaw C; McNulty A; Templeton D; Moore R; Murray G; Danielewski J; Wigan R; Chen M; Guy R; Zhang L; Donovan B; Grulich A; Kaldor J; Whiley D; Cornelisse V; Howden B; Lewis D; Read T; Fairley C, 2020, 'A DOUBLE-BLIND RANDOMISED CONTROLLED TRIAL OF ANTISEPTIC MOUTHWASH FOR GONORRHOEA PREVENTION: THE OMEGA TRIAL', in SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASES, LIPPINCOTT WILLIAMS & WILKINS, Vol. 47, pp. S45 - S45,

Chow EPF; Williamson DA; Hocking JS; Law MG; Maddaford K; Bradshaw CS; McNulty A; Templeton DJ; Moore R; Murray GL; Danielewski JA; Wigan R; Chen MY; Guy RJ; Zhang L; Donovan B; Grulich AE; Kaldor JM; Whiley DM; Cornelisse VJ; Howden BP; Lewis DA; Read TRH; Fairley CK, 2020, 'ANTISEPTIC MOUTHWASH FOR GONORRHOEA PREVENTION (OMEGA): A RANDOMISED, DOUBLE-BLIND, PARALLEL-GROUP, MULTICENTRE TRIAL', in SEXUAL HEALTH, CSIRO PUBLISHING, Vol. 17, pp. VIII - VIII,

Templeton DJ; Poynten IM; Jin F; Roberts JM; Law CLH; Cornall AM; Molano M; Machalek DA; Carr A; Farnsworth A; Tabrizi S; Phillips S; Fairley CK; Garland SM; Hillman RJ; Grulich AE, 2019, 'The natural history of anal high grade squamous intraepithelial lesions in HIV positive and HIV negative gay and bisexual men', in HIV MEDICINE, WILEY, Vol. 20, pp. 18 - 18,

Bavinton B; Vaccher S; Prestage G; Holt M; Guy R; Amin J; Selvey C; Zablotska-Manos I; Jin F; Carr A; Templeton D; Grulich A, 2019, 'Factors associated with stopping HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) for three months or more in the EPIC-NSW trial', in JOURNAL OF THE INTERNATIONAL AIDS SOCIETY, JOHN WILEY & SONS LTD, Vol. 22, pp. 31 - 32,

Bavinton B; Vaccher S; Holt M; Guy R; Prestage G; Jin F; Amin J; Templeton D; Selvey C; Zablotska-Manos I; Lusk J; Ogilvie E; Vickers T; Smith D; Grulich A, 2019, 'USE OF CONDOMS FOR THE PREVENTION OF SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED INFECTIONS (STIS) AMONG HIV PRE-EXPOSURE PROPHYLAXIS (PREP) USERS', in SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED INFECTIONS, BMJ PUBLISHING GROUP, Vol. 95, pp. A206 - A206,

Roberts JM; Molano M; Thurloe JK; Hillman RJ; Templeton DJ; Law C; Poynten IM; Jin F; Guzman P; Garland SM; Machalek DA; Grulich AE; Cornall AM, 2018, 'Laser capture microdissection-identified HPV genotypes associated with intra-anal high and low-grade intraepithelial lesions', in Tumour Virus Research, Elsevier, Vol. 5, pp. s12,

Roberts JM; Ekman D; Cornall AM; Law C; Tabrizi SN; Garland SM; Jin F; Poynten IM; Hillman R; Templeton D; Fairley C; Thurloe J; Grulich A; Farnsworth A, 2015, 'Anal papillary immature metaplasia - the LSIL which mimics HSIL', in SEXUAL HEALTH, CSIRO PUBLISHING, Vol. 12, pp. 88 - 89,

Hillman RJ; Poynten IM; Jin F; Templeton DJ; Roberts J; Farnsworth A; Garland SM; Fairley CK; Tabrizi S; Grulich AE, 2015, 'Towards an anal cancer screening risk stratification algorithm', in SEXUAL HEALTH, CSIRO PUBLISHING, Vol. 12, pp. 81 - 82,

Law C; Grulich A; Poynten M; Jin J; Templeton D; Roberts J; Farnsworth A; Hillman R, 2015, 'Towards the development of robust quality assurance (QA) metrics for high resolution anoscopy (HRA)', in SEXUAL HEALTH, CSIRO PUBLISHING, Vol. 12, pp. 83 - 84,

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