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Stewart ML; Shackel R; Freedman E; Templeton DJ, 2024, 'Adult Sexual Assault Patients’ Experience of the Physical Examination Component of the Medical Forensic Examination: A Scoping Review to Identify Gaps in the Research Literature', Trauma, Violence, and Abuse, 25, pp. 663 - 679,

Han WM; Broom J; Bopage R; Templeton DJ; Edmiston N; Petoumenos K, 2024, 'Investigating rates and predictors of viral blips, low-level viraemia and virological failure in the Australian HIV observational database', Tropical Medicine and International Health, 29, pp. 42 - 56,

Gray J; Prestage G; Jin F; Phanuphak N; Friedman RK; Fairley CK; Kelleher A; Templeton DJ; Zablotska-Manos I; Hoy J; McNulty A; Baker D; Brown G; Grulich A; Bavinton B, 2023, 'Agreements, Behaviour, and Change: Sex Outside the Relationship in Male HIV-negative Partners in HIV Serodiscordant Relationships in Australia, Brazil, and Thailand', AIDS and Behavior, 27, pp. 3098 - 3108,

Philpot SP; Mao L; Cifali D; Power C; Templeton DJ; Robinson S; Varma R; Grulich AE; Aung E; Bavinton BR, 2023, 'Stigma Regarding HIV and Sexual Identity as Barriers to Accessing HIV Testing and Prevention Services Among Gay and Bisexual Migrants in Australia', Sexuality Research and Social Policy, 20, pp. 964 - 976,

Healey LM; Hutchinson JL; Pfeiffer MN; Garton L; Hatten B; Dobbie M; Simpson L; Templeton DJ, 2023, 'The challenge of providing medical follow-up for sexual assault victims: Can we predict who will attend? A retrospective cross-sectional study', Sexual Health, 20, pp. 475 - 477,

Phillips S; Cornall AM; Molano M; Jin F; Roberts JM; Farnsworth A; Hillman RJ; Templeton DJ; Poynten IM; Garland SM; Fairley CK; Murray GL; Tabrizi SN; Grulich AE; Machalek DA, 2023, 'Performance of Human Papillomavirus Attribution Algorithms to Predict Causative Genotypes in Anal High-Grade Lesions', Journal of Infectious Diseases, 227, pp. 1407 - 1416,

Di Ciaccio PR; Van Leeuwen MT; Amin J; Vajdic CM; McGregor S; Poynten IM; Templeton DJ; Law M; Grulich AE; Polizzotto MN; Jin F, 2023, 'Second Primary Cancers in People with HIV/AIDS: A National Data Linkage Study of Incidence and Risk Factors', Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes, 93, pp. 25 - 33,

Dharan NJ; Jin F; Vaccher S; Bavinton B; Yeung B; Guy R; Carr A; Zablotska I; Amin J; Read P; Templeton DJ; Ooi C; Martin SJ; Ryder N; Smith DE; McNulty A; Brown K; Price K; Holden J; Grulich AE, 2023, 'Characteristics of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Seroconversions in a Large Prospective Implementation Cohort Study of Oral HIV Preexposure Prophylaxis in Men Who Have Sex with Men (EPIC-NSW)', Clinical Infectious Diseases, 76, pp. E622 - E628,

Heron JE; McManus H; Vickers T; Ryan K; Wright E; Carter A; Stoove M; Asselin J; Grulich A; Donovan B; Guy R; Varma R; Chen M; Ryder N; Lewis DA; Templeton DJ; O’Connor CC; Gracey DM; Bastian L; Bateson D; Bowden S; Boyd M; Callander D; Aung HL; Cogle A; Costello J; Dimech W; Dittmer J; El-Hayek C; Ellard J; Fairley C; Franklin L; Hellard M; Hocking J; Kim J; McGill S; Nolan D; Patel P; Pendle S; Polkinghorne V; Nguyen L; Nguyen T; O’Connor C; Reed P; Roth N; Selvey C; Traeger M; Walker M; West M, 2023, 'Renal impairment associated with tenofovir disoproxil fumarate for antiretroviral therapy and HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis: An observational cohort study', PLoS ONE, 18,

Callander D; McManus H; Gray RT; Grulich AE; Carr A; Hoy J; Donovan B; Fairley CK; Holt M; Templeton DJ; Liaw S-T; McMahon JM; Asselin J; Petoumenos K; Hellard M; Pedrana A; Elliott J; Keen P; Costello J; Keane R; Kaldor J; Stoové M; Guy R, 2023, 'HIV treatment-as-prevention and its effect on incidence of HIV among cisgender gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men in Australia: a 10-year longitudinal cohort study', The Lancet HIV,

Poynten IM; Jin F; Molano M; Machalek DA; Roberts JM; Hillman RJ; Cornall A; Phillips S; Templeton DJ; Law C; Fairley CK; Grulich AE; Garland SM, 2022, 'Comparison of four assays for human papillomavirus detection in the anal canal', Clinical Microbiology and Infection, 28, pp. 1652.e1 - 1652.e6,

Phillips S; Cassells K; Garland SM; Machalek DA; Roberts JM; Templeton DJ; Jin F; Poynten IM; Hillman RJ; Grulich AE; Murray GL; Tabrizi SN; Molano M; Cornall AM, 2022, 'Gene methylation of CADM1 and MAL identified as a biomarker of high grade anal intraepithelial neoplasia', Scientific Reports, 12,

Philpot SP; Aung E; Templeton DJ; Stackpool G; Varma R; Power C; Robinson S; Stratigos A; Mao L; Grulich AE; Bavinton BR, 2022, 'Experiences of recently HIV-diagnosed gay and bisexual migrants in Australia: Implications for sexual health programmes and health promotion', Health and Social Care in the Community, 30, pp. e5801 - e5810,

Amin J; Vaccher S; Templeton DJ; Bavinton B; Jin F; Zablotska I; Matthews G; Ogilvie E; Yeung B; Ooi C; Dharan N; Baker DA; Read P; Guy R; Grulich AE, 2022, 'Low Prior Exposure and Incidence of Hepatitis C in Human Immunodeficiency Virus–Negative Gay and Bisexual Men Taking Preexposure Prophylaxis (PrEP): Findings from the Expanded PrEP Implementation in Communities–New South Wales Prospective Implementation Study', Clinical Infectious Diseases, 75, pp. 1497 - 1502,

Rees H; Callander D; Goddard SL; Griggs E; Prott G; Clifton B; Templeton DJ, 2022, 'Higher Sexually Transmissible Infection Test Yield Among Men Who Have Sex With Men Attending a Community-Based Testing Site Compared With a Clinical Service In Sydney, Australia', Sexually Transmitted Diseases, 49, pp. E104 - E106,

Poynten IM; Jin F; Molano M; Roberts JM; Hillman RJ; Templeton DJ; Law C; Stanley MA; Waterboer T; Farnsworth A; Fairley CK; Garland SM; Grulich AE, 2022, 'Possible Reactivation of Latent Anal Human Papillomavirus Associated with Markers of Immune Dysfunction in Gay and Bisexual Men', Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers and Prevention, 31, pp. 1052 - 1057,

Poynten IM; Jin F; Roberts JM; Templeton DJ; Law C; Cornall AM; Molano M; Machalek DA; Carr A; Farnsworth A; Tabrizi S; Phillips S; Fairley CK; Garland SM; Hillman RJ; Grulich AE, 2022, 'The Natural History of Anal High-grade Squamous Intraepithelial Lesions in Gay and Bisexual Men (vol 72, pg 853, 2021)', CLINICAL INFECTIOUS DISEASES, 74,

Wong IKJ; Poynten IM; Cornall A; Templeton DJ; Molano M; Garland SM; Fairley CK; Law C; Hillman RJ; Polizzotto MN; Grulich AE; Jin F, 2022, 'Sexual behaviours associated with incident high-risk anal human papillomavirus among gay and bisexual men', Sexually Transmitted Infections, 98, pp. 101 - 107,

Herbert S; Puhr R; Petoumenos K; Lewis DA; Varma R; Couldwell DL; Law M; Templeton DJ, 2022, 'Characteristics of heterosexually-acquired compared to homosexually-acquired HIV and implications for clinical practice: results from the Australian HIV Observational Database', AIDS Care - Psychological and Socio-Medical Aspects of AIDS/HIV, 34, pp. 626 - 632,

Boettiger DC; Huque MH; Bloch M; Woolley I; Templeton DJ; Law MG; Fraser N; Hoy J; Petoumenos K; Law M, 2022, 'Physical function limitation among gay and bisexual men aged ≥55years with and without HIV: findings from the Australian Positive and Peers Longevity Evaluation Study (APPLES)', Sexual Health, 19, pp. 533 - 545,

Wong IKJ; Grulich AE; Poynten IM; Polizzotto MN; van Leeuwen MT; Amin J; McGregor S; Law M; Templeton DJ; Vajdic CM; Jin F; Law M, 2022, 'Time trends in cancer incidence in Australian people living with HIV between 1982 and 2012', HIV Medicine, 23, pp. 134 - 145,

Gray J; Prestage G; Jin F; Phanuphak N; Friedman RK; Fairley CK; Kelleher A; Templeton D; Zablotska-Manos IB; Hoy J; McNulty A; Pell C; Grulich A; Bavinton B; Grinsztejn B; Cooper DA; Emery S; Wilson D; Koelsch KK; Triffitt K; Doong N; Baker D; Bloch M; Tee BK; Moore R; Roth N; Orth D; Pinto AN, 2021, 'Characteristics of Agreements to have Condomless Anal Intercourse in the Presence of an Undetectable Viral Load Among HIV Serodiscordant Male Couples in Australia, Brazil and Thailand', AIDS and Behavior, 25, pp. 3944 - 3954,

Phillips TR; Fairley CK; Donovan B; Ong JJ; McNulty A; Marshall L; Templeton DJ; Owen L; Ward A; Gunathilake M; Russell D; Langton-Lockton J; Bourne C; Martin S; Chow EPF, 2021, 'Sexual health service adaptations to the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic in Australia: a nationwide online survey', Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health, 45, pp. 622 - 627,

Duan Q; Carmody C; Donovan B; Guy RJ; Hui BB; Kaldor JM; Lahra MM; Law MG; Lewis DA; Maley M; McGregor S; McNulty A; Selvey C; Templeton DJ; Whiley DM; Regan DG; Wood JG, 2021, 'Modelling response strategies for controlling gonorrhoea outbreaks in men who have sex with men in Australia', PLoS Computational Biology, 17, pp. e1009385,

Jin F; Amin J; Guy R; Vaccher S; Selvey C; Zablotska I; Holden J; Price K; Yeung B; Ogilvie E; Quichua GC; Clackett S; McNulty A; Smith D; Templeton DJ; Bavinton B; Grulich AE, 2021, 'Adherence to daily HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis in a large-scale implementation study in New South Wales, Australia', AIDS, 35, pp. 1987 - 1996,

van Santen DK; Asselin J; Haber NA; Traeger MW; Callander D; Donovan B; El-Hayek C; McMahon JH; Petoumenos K; McManus H; Hoy JF; Hellard M; Guy R; Stoové M; Carr A; Elliot J; Templeton DJ; Liaw T; Wilson DP, 2021, 'Improvements in transition times through the HIV cascade of care among gay and bisexual men with a new HIV diagnosis in New South Wales and Victoria, Australia (2012–19): a longitudinal cohort study', The Lancet HIV, 8, pp. e623 - e632,

Chan C; Patel P; Johnson K; Vaughan M; Price K; McNulty A; Templeton D; Read P; Cunningham P; Grulich A; Bavinton B, 2021, 'Community-based peer-led HIV/sexually transmitted infection testing services in Sydney for gay and bisexual men captured an eighth of new HIV diagnoses in New South Wales, Australia', AIDS, 35, pp. 1878 - 1880,

Bavinton BR; Vaccher S; Jin F; Prestage GP; Holt M; Zablotska-Manos IB; Guy R; Amin J; Templeton DJ; Yeung B; Hammoud MA; Lewis D; Baker D; Dharan N; McNulty AM; Grulich AE, 2021, 'High Levels of Prevention-Effective Adherence to HIV PrEP: An Analysis of Substudy Data from the EPIC-NSW Trial', Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes, 87, pp. 1040 - 1047,

Grulich AE; Jin F; Bavinton BR; Yeung B; Hammoud MA; Amin J; Cabrera G; Clackett S; Ogilvie E; Vaccher S; Vickers T; McNulty A; Smith DJ; Dharan NJ; Selvey C; Power C; Price K; Zablotska I; Baker DA; Bloch M; Brown K; Carmody CJ; Carr A; Chanisheff D; Doong N; Finlayson R; Lewis DA; Lusk J; Martin S; Ooi C; Read P; Ryder N; Smith D; Tuck Meng Soo C; Templeton DJ; Vlahakis E; Guy R, 2021, 'Long-term protection from HIV infection with oral HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis in gay and bisexual men: findings from the expanded and extended EPIC-NSW prospective implementation study', The Lancet HIV, 8, pp. e486 - e494,

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Poynten IM; Jin F; Garland SM; Hillman RJ; Molano M; Roberts JM; Templeton DJ; Phillips S; Law C; Fairley CK; Farnsworth A; Grulich AE, 2021, 'HIV, Immune Dysfunction, and the Natural History of Anal High-Risk Human Papillomavirus Infection in Gay and Bisexual Men', Journal of Infectious Diseases, 224, pp. 246 - 257,

McManus H; Callander D; Asselin J; McMahon J; Hoy JF; Templeton DJ; Fairley CK; Donovan B; Pedrana AE; Keen P; Wilson DP; Elliott J; Kaldor J; Liaw ST; Petoumenos K; Holt M; Hellard ME; Grulich AE; Carr A; Stoove MA; Guy RJ, 2021, 'A New Method for Estimating the Incidence of Infectious Diseases', American Journal of Epidemiology, 190, pp. 1386 - 1395,

Lau A; Kong FYS; Fairley CK; Templeton DJ; Amin J; Phillips S; Law M; Chen MY; Bradshaw CS; Donovan B; McNulty A; Boyd MA; Timms P; Chow EPF; Regan DG; Khaw C; Lewis DA; Kaldor J; Ratnayake M; Carvalho N; Hocking JS, 2021, 'Azithromycin or doxycycline for asymptomatic rectal chlamydia trachomatis', New England Journal of Medicine, 384, pp. 2418 - 2427,

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Dharan NJ; Yeh P; Bloch M; Yeung MM; Baker D; Guinto J; Roth N; Ftouni S; Ognenovska K; Smith D; Hoy JF; Woolley I; Pell C; Templeton DJ; Fraser N; Rose N; Hutchinson J; Petoumenos K; Dawson SJ; Polizzotto MN; Dawson MA; Vincent T; Rosario R; Lau H; Smith D; Price S; O’Brien J; Tan HTL; Sinclair B; Bascombe F, 2021, 'HIV is associated with an increased risk of age-related clonal hematopoiesis among older adults', Nature Medicine, 27, pp. 1006 - 1011,

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Poynten IM; Jin F; Roberts JM; Templeton DJ; Law C; Cornall AM; Molano M; MacHalek DA; Carr A; Farnsworth A; Tabrizi S; Phillips S; Fairley CK; Garland SM; Hillman RJ; Grulich AE, 2021, 'The Natural History of Anal High-grade Squamous Intraepithelial Lesions in Gay and Bisexual Men', Clinical Infectious Diseases, 72, pp. 853 - 861,

Goddard SL; Poynten IM; Petoumenos K; Jin F; Hillman RJ; Law C; Roberts JM; Fairley CK; Garland SM; Grulich AE; Templeton DJ, 2021, 'Self-reported anal symptoms and their association with anal pathology among gay and bisexual men: A cross-sectional observational analysis', Sexual Health, 18, pp. 123 - 129,

Wong A; Prestage GP; Poynten IM; Jin F; Hillman RJ; Law C; Fairley CK; Garland SM; Grulich AE; Templeton DJ; Cunningham P, 2020, 'Effect of age on the association between recreational drug use and sexual risk behaviour: A cross-sectional observational analysis', Sexual Health, 17, pp. 538 - 542,

Roberts JM; Poynten IM; Molano M; Machalek DA; Hillman RJ; Guzman P; Jin F; Templeton DJ; Fairley CK; Law C; Garland SM; Grulich AE; Cornall AM; Cunningham P, 2020, 'Human papillomavirus genotypes in anal high-grade squamous intraepithelial lesion (HSIL): Anal intraepithelial neoplasia grades 2 (AIN2) and 3 (AIN3) are different', Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers and Prevention, 29, pp. 2078 - 2083,

Goddard SL; Templeton DJ; Petoumenos K; Jin F; Hillman RJ; Law C; Roberts JM; Fairley CK; Garland SM; Grulich AE; Poynten IM; Farnsworth A; Biro C; Richards A; Thurloe J; Ekman D; McDonald R; Adams M; Tabrizi S; Phillips S; Luque MM; Comben S; McCaffery K; Howard K; Kelly P; Seeds D; Carr A; Feeney L; Gluyas R; Prestage G; Law M; Acraman B; McGrath P; Mellor R; Pezzopane P; Varma R; Langton-Lockton J; Tong W; Han A, 2020, 'Prevalence and association of perianal and intra-anal warts with composite high-grade squamous intraepithelial lesions among gay and bisexual men: Baseline data from the study of the prevention of anal cancer', AIDS Patient Care and STDs, 34, pp. 436 - 443,

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Turner D; Drak D; O'Connor CC; Templeton DJ; Gracey DM, 2019, 'Renal function change after switching tenofovir disoproxil fumarate for tenofovir alafenamide in the HIV-positive patients of a metropolitan sexual health service', AIDS Research and Therapy, 16, pp. 40,

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Goddard SL; Poynten IM; Petoumenous K; Jin F; Hillman RJ; Law C; Roberts JM; Fairley CK; Garland SM; Grulich AE; Templeton DJ; Cunningham P; Prestage G; Tong W; Varma R, 2019, 'Prevalence, incidence and predictors of anal Chlamydia trachomatis, anal Neisseria gonorrhoeae and syphilis among older gay and bisexual men in the longitudinal Study for the Prevention of Anal Cancer (SPANC)', Sexually Transmitted Infections, 95, pp. 477 - 483,

Blackshaw LCD; Chow EPF; Varma R; Healey L; Templeton DJ; Basu A; Turner D; Medland NA; Rix S; Fairley CK; Chen MY, 2019, 'Characteristics of recently arrived Asian men who have sex with men diagnosed with HIV through sexual health services in Melbourne and Sydney', Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health, 43, pp. 424 - 428,

Zablotska IB; Vaccher SJ; Bloch M; Carr A; Foster R; Grulich AE; Guy R; McNulty A; Ooi C; Pell C; Poynten IM; Prestage G; Ryder N; Templeton D; Cheung C; Gianacas C; Holt M; Kaldor J; Mackie B; Mayer K; McAllister J; Murphy D; de Wit J; Wright E, 2019, 'High Adherence to HIV Pre-exposure Prophylaxis and No HIV Seroconversions Despite High Levels of Risk Behaviour and STIs: The Australian Demonstration Study PrELUDE', AIDS and Behavior, 23, pp. 1780 - 1789,

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