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Thorpe A, 2024, 'Disrupting Infrastructure: Space, Speed and Street Governance', in Addie J-PD; Glass MR; Nelles J (ed.), Infrastructural Times Temporality and the Making of Global Urban Worlds, Bristol University Press,

Thorpe A, 2022, 'Property and planning', in The Routledge Handbook of Property, Law and Society, Routledge, pp. 389 - 398,

Flynn A; Thorpe A, 2021, 'Pandemic pop-ups and the performance of legality', in Doucet B; van Melik R; Filion P (ed.), Volume 3: Public Space and Mobility, Bristol University Press, Bristol,

Thorpe AL; Stickells L; Moore T, 2017, 'Pop-up justice? Reflecting on relationships in the temporary city', in Hennebury J (ed.), Transience and Permanence in Urban Development, Wiley, pp. 151 - 169,

Thorpe AL, 2017, 'Between rights in the city and the right to the city: Heritage, character and public participation in urban planning', in Durbach A; Lixinski L (ed.), Heritage, Culture and Rights: Challenging legal discourses, Hart

Thorpe AL, 2016, 'Land Use Planning', in The Environmental Law Handbook - Planning and Land Use in New South Wales, Thomson Reuters

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