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Flynn A; Thorpe A, 2021, 'Pandemic pop-ups and the performance of legality', in Doucet B; van Melik R; Filion P (ed.), Volume 3: Public Space and Mobility, Bristol University Press, Bristol,

Thorpe AL; Stickells L; Moore T, 2017, 'Pop-up justice? Reflecting on relationships in the temporary city', in Hennebury J (ed.), Transience and Permanence in Urban Development, Wiley, pp. 151 - 169,

Thorpe AL, 2017, 'Between rights in the city and the right to the city: Heritage, character and public participation in urban planning', in Durbach A; Lixinski L (ed.), Heritage, Culture and Rights: Challenging legal discourses, Hart, Univ New South Wales, Sydney, AUSTRALIA, pp. 121 - 147,

Thorpe AL, 2016, 'Land Use Planning', in The Environmental Law Handbook - Planning and Land Use in New South Wales, edn. 6th, Thomson Reuters

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