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Thorpe A; Green J, 2021, Owning the Street,

Thorpe A; Kuch D; Adams S, 2021, On an electric car road trip around NSW, we found range anxiety (and the need for more chargers) is real,

Thorpe A, 2020, Reclaiming the streets? We all can have a say in the ‘new normal’ after coronavirus,

Thorpe A, 2019, Labor pledges $14m funding boost to Environmental Defenders Offices – what do these services do?,

Thorpe A, 2018, How to write a planning submission,

Thorpe A, 2018, The case for parklets

Thorpe A, 2017, People love parklets, and businesses can help make them happen,

Thorpe A, 2017, The homeless have no choice but to live life in public,

Thorpe A, 2017, Bush democracy wins out but council mergers continue in Sydney,

Thorpe A, 2016, Why parking spaces are being turned into pop-up parks,

Thorpe A, 2016, A Day for Turning Parking Spaces into Pop-up Parks,

Thorpe A, 2015, Tiny Houses, Big Queues,

Thorpe A, 2014, The Block shows up limitations in definition of ownership,

Thorpe A, 2012, Environmental defenders under attack: why funding must be restored,

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