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Taschetto A; Santoso A, 2021, Back so soon, La Niña? Here’s why we’re copping two soggy summers in a row, ,

Yeung NKH; Menviel L; Meissner KJ; Taschetto AS; Ziehn T; Chamberlain M, 2020, Supplementary material to "Weak Southern Hemispheric monsoons during the Last Interglacial period", Copernicus GmbH, ,

Taschetto AS; Sen Gupta AR; Ummenhofer CC; England MH, 2009, How does El Niño Modoki affect the Australian monsoon?, Climate Variability and Predictability Programme (CLIVAR),

Campos CN; Goes M; Taschetto AS; Wainer I, 2001, A shift in Atlantic Ocean warm events: A preliminary study,

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