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Okada T; Kato D; Nomura Y; Obata N; Quan X; Morinaga A; Yano H; Guo Z; Aoyama Y; Tachibana Y; Moorhouse AJ; Matoba O; Takiguchi T; Mizobuchi S; Wake H, 2021, 'Pain induces stable, active microcircuits in the somatosensory cortex that provide a therapeutic target', Science Advances, vol. 7,

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Moorhouse AJ; Power JM, 2019, 'Making light work of fine-tuning channelrhodopsins', Journal of Biological Chemistry, vol. 294, pp. 3822 - 3823,

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Akiyoshi R; Wake H; Kato D; Horiuchi H; Ono R; Ikegami A; Haruwaka K; Omori T; Tachibana Y; Moorhouse AJ; Nabekura J, 2018, 'Microglia enhance synapse activity to promote local network synchronization', eNeuro, vol. 5,

Goulton CS; Watanabe M; Cheung DL; Wang KW; Oba T; Khoshaba A; Lai D; Inada H; Eto K; Nakamura K; Power JM; Lewis TM; Housley GD; Wake H; Nabekura J; Moorhouse AJ, 2018, 'Conditional Upregulation of KCC2 selectively enhances neuronal inhibition during seizures', ,

Ishikawa T; Eto K; Kim SK; Wake H; Takeda I; Horiuchi H; Moorhouse AJ; Ishibashi H; Nabekura J, 2018, 'Cortical astrocytes prime the induction of spine plasticity and mirror image pain', Pain, vol. 159, pp. 1592 - 1606,

Nakahata Y; Eto K; Murakoshi H; Watanabe M; Kuriu T; Hirata H; Moorhouse AJ; Ishibashi H; Nabekura J, 2017, 'Activation-dependent rapid postsynaptic clustering of glycine receptors in mature spinal cord neurons', eNeuro, vol. 4,

Miyamoto A; Wake H; Ishikawa AW; Eto K; Shibata K; Murakoshi H; Koizumi S; Moorhouse AJ; Yoshimura Y; Nabekura J, 2016, 'Microglia contact induces synapse formation in developing somatosensory cortex', Nature Communications, vol. 7,

Kim SK; Hayashi H; Ishikawa T; Shibata K; Shigetomi E; Shinozaki Y; Inada H; Roh SE; Kim SJ; Lee G; Bae H; Moorhouse AJ; Mikoshiba K; Fukazawa Y; Koizumi S; Nabekura J, 2016, 'Cortical astrocytes rewire somatosensory cortical circuits for peripheral neuropathic pain', Journal of Clinical Investigation, vol. 126, pp. 1983 - 1997,

Kato G; Inada H; Wake H; Akiyoshi R; Miyamoto A; Eto K; Ishikawa T; Moorhouse AJ; Strassman AM; Nabekura J, 2016, 'Microglial contact prevents excess depolarization and rescues neurons from excitotoxicity', eNeuro, vol. 3, pp. 9133 - 9144,

Alexander SPH; Benson HE; Faccenda E; Pawson AJ; Sharman JL; McGrath JC; Catterall WA; Spedding M; Peters JA; Harmar AJ, 2013, 'THE CONCISE GUIDE TO PHARMACOLOGY 2013/14: OVERVIEW', BRITISH JOURNAL OF PHARMACOLOGY, vol. 170, pp. 1449 - 1458,

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Keramidas A; Moorhouse AJ; French C; Schofield PR; Barry PH, 2000, 'M2 pore mutations convert the glycine receptor channel from being anion to cation selective', Biophysical Journal, vol. 78, pp. 247 - 259,

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