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Kayis-Kumar A, 2023, Why do I suddenly owe tax this year? It could be because the Low and Middle Income Tax offset is gone, forever, ,

Kayis-Kumar A; Mackenzie G; Noone J; Walpole M; Lim Y, 2023, Worried you’ll lodge a late tax return? At least 80,000 Australians can’t afford tax advice, ,,many%20types%20of%20government%20support.

Lim Y; Kayis-Kumar A; Evans C, 2022, Does paying for tax advice save money? Only if you’re wealthy, The Conversation, ,

Kayis-Kumar A; Evans C; Lim Y, 2020, Yes, some millionaires pay no tax, but crimping deductions mightn’t help,

Kayis-Kumar A; Lim Y; Evans C, 2020, Should there be a cap on tax advice deductions?,

Kayis-Kumar A; Martin F; Noone J; Walpole M, 2020, Performers and sole traders find it hard to get JobKeeper in part because they are behind on their paperwork,

Kayis-Kumar A; Oguttu A, 2019, Australia’s tax office can use global data leaks to pursue multinationals, High Court rules, ,

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