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Wenham SR; Honsberg CB; Cotter J; Spooner T; A.Green M; Silver MD; Largent R; Bruce A; Aberle A; Cahill L, 2020, 'Australian Initiatives in Photovoltaic Engineering Education', in Sixteenth European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference, Routledge, pp. 2854 - 2857,

Kuch D; Stringer N; Marshall L; Young S; Roberts M; Macgill I; Bruce A; Passey R, 2019, 'An Energy Data Manifesto', in Good Data, Institute of Networked Cultures, Amsterdam, pp. 77 - 93,

Madriz-Vargas R; Bruce A; Watt M, 2018, 'Community renewable energy in developing countries: An assessment challenge', in Szolucha A (ed.), Energy, Resource Extraction and Society: Impacts and Contested Futures, Taylor & Francis, pp. 105 - 123,

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