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Liu D; Yu Q; Kabra S; Jiang M; Forna-Kreutzer P; Zhang R; Payne M; Walsh F; Gludovatz B; Asta M; Minor AM; George EP; Ritchie RO, 2022, Exceptional fracture toughness of CrCoNi-based medium- and high-entropy alloys close to liquid helium temperatures,

Gludovatz B; Hohenwarter A; Thurston KVS; Bei H; Wu Z; George EP; Ritchie RO, 2016, Exceptional damage-tolerance of a medium-entropy alloy CrCoNi at cryogenic temperatures

Zhang Z; Mao M; Wang J; Gludovatz B; Zhang Z; Mao SX; George EP; Yu Q; Ritchie RO, 2015, Nanoscale Origins of the Damage Tolerance of the High-Entropy Alloy CrMnFeCoNi

Li B; Nomoto K; Xie S; Ringer SP; Gludovatz B; Kruzic J, Controlling the Relaxation Versus Rejuvenation Behavior in Zr-Based Bulk Metallic Glasses Induced by Elastostatic Compression,

Liu Q; Wu H; Paul MJ; He P; Peng Z; Gludovatz B; Kruzic JJ; Wang CH; Li X, Machine-Learning Assisted Laser Powder Bed Fusion Process Optimization for AlSi10mg: New Microstructure Description Indices and Fracture Mechanisms,

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