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Parker BL; Anderson M; Batterham PJ; Gayed A; Subotic-Kerry M; Achilles MR; Chakouch C; Werner-Seidler A; Whitton AE; O’Dea B, 2021, Examining the Preliminary Effectiveness and Acceptability of a Web-Based Training Program for Australian Secondary School Teachers: Pilot Study of the BEAM (Building Educators’ Skills in Adolescent Mental Health) Program (Preprint), ,

Whitton AE; Hardy R; Cope K; Gieng C; Gow L; MacKinnon A; Gale N; O'Moore K; Anderson J; Proudfoot J; Cockayne N; O'Dea B; Christensen H; Newby JM, 2021, Mental Health Screening in General Practices as a Means for Enhancing Uptake of Digital Mental Health Interventions: Observational Cohort Study (Preprint), ,

Parker BL; Chakouch C; Subotic-Kerry M; Batterham PJ; Mackinnon A; Newby JM; Whitton AE; McGoldrick J; Cockayne N; O'Dea B, 2020, The Building Educators’ Skills in Adolescent Mental Health Training Program for Secondary School Educators: Protocol for a Cluster Randomized Controlled Trial (Preprint), ,

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