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O'Neill S; Glennie M; Farmer J; Caponecchia C; McDermott V; Blackman D; Rooney J; Huron V, 2022, Measuring for a mentally healthy workplace: a practical guide for medium to large organisations,

Bentley T; Caponecchia C; Onnis L-A; Farr-Wharton B; Vassiley A; O'Neill S; Andrew C; De Almeida Neto A; Huron V, 2021, The Healthy Older Worker: A Systematic Review of Literature on Work Health and Safety Interventions for Older Workers

Mayland E; Caponecchia C; Onnis L-A; Manca D; Vinod G; Jokic T; Coman R; O'Neill S; Farr-Wharton B; Bentley T, 2021, Facilitators, motivators and barriers to improved management of psychosocial risks at work

Caponecchia C; Mayland E; Huron V; Onnis L-A; Coman R; O'Neill S; Nguyen H; Gopaldasani V; Manca D; Jokic T; Bentley T, 2021, Managing mental health at work: A systematic review of interventions

Caponecchia C; Viray M, 2021, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Training : Inclusive Online Learning Guidelines

Caponecchia C; Coman R; Gopaldasani V; Mayland E, 2020, MSDs in the aged care industry: Contributing factors and interventions

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